Our aim is to establish practical and spiritual connections with many people across the world as The Order offers them the opportunity to join with us and become ‘Alongsiders’ within the Order.

Our leader, and Prior, sets out the theological and mission basis :

“It is within my heart at this time that our Order of Jacobs Well should be considering how to share in ever more positive ways what has been known and grown in our Wells for many years - the ‘Good News’ of the Kingdom of God …… In Christ’s parable, the farmer who sowed the seed did not choose only to sow on to the good and fertile ground. Instead he was broadcasting the seed everywhere and anywhere, and thus with varying results. Jesus shows us that such free sowing is the nature of God’s love for his children. In the same way it would be really good to find ways of bringing those other children together; those who would love to become more closely connected within the Order, so that we all might learn and share our kingdom lives together…….. From such communication would come stronger prayer lives, greater, and greatly needed. Kingdom growth; more Kingdom seekers and even more Wells.”


In practical terms the idea is quite simple. Anyone who comes into contact with the mission and message of the Order, and would like to join us can become one of our Alongsiders. They do not have to be or do anything differently; rather, they continue their own spiritual journey and ministry, wherever it might lead them, as ‘fellow travellers’ with us towards Healing and Wholeness and a deepening of the relationship with Father God through the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. This is the only ‘entry requirement’.

The reasons we want to do this, and to do it now, are set out by Mike. This is a mission project, not just based upon growing the Order and sharing Mike’s teaching, but rather, as top priority, contributing to the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Above all it is about you, our supporters. We hope that you will join with us in this way and then extend invitations to others you know and meet. This is the heart of being a disciple.

There will be a newsletter sent out by email at least twice a year, with stories and information from both the Order and the Alongsiders themselves, prayer and some thoughts and teaching from Mike.

This is a free service, there is no fee or separate subscription.

We keep no personal or contact information for Alongsiders other than their name, country of residence and email address. All ‘block’ mailing from us will not show any individual email addresses (Bcc).

Our current supporters and those new to the Order are both advised that we do not have any authority over their ministries, nor any pastoral role. This will be about sharing and support amongst equals. But we will care and pray for each other.

To join with us, please contact us through the dedicated email address…… (this is not a link so please copy this email address into your own mailbox to contact us).


Many Blessings


Nick and Janie Hawkins

The Order of Jacob’s Well Alongsider Ministry

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