Christian Healing

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Christian Healing

What is Christian healing?

Am I sick for a reason?
Is illness some sort of punishment? Have I done something wrong? Do I deserve what is happening to me?
Why did God allow me or a member of my family to get ill?
But what about life threatening diseases?

How should I approach God for my own healing?
Do I have enough faith to be healed?
Where do I get the faith to see healing?
What is the ‘prayer offered in faith ‘?
What is the power?
How much can we rely on God to do it?
Does God need a faith environment into which he can heal?
What must I believe in to see healing?
Why is our faith, our believing trust, so precious to God?
Which of us has to have the faith to see healing? Is it the minister or the supplicant -or both?
Should we really expect it to happen?

Why should we rely on God?
Does God use suffering as a megaphone to gain our attention?
Does healing always have to seem instantaneous?
Are we just tourists in the world of the miraculous?
I believe for others but not so well for myself. Is that OK?
Does God still heal today? If so, then why does God not heal all sickness now? Why does God let so many youngsters die? Why does God let so many wonderful Christians suffer?
Why is so much prayer apparently not answered?
Could God be delaying his healing?
Does God heal minds as well as bodies? Is the healing of the mind more or less difficult than the healing of the body?
Whose fault is it that I am not healed after prayer? Is it me or the minister or God?
If I get ill again, can I be healed more than once?
Can I intercede by suffering for others?
Is not death a great healer?
Why does healing seem to happen more in places like Africa?
Do we have to get ill to die?
How should we pray for healing?

What about the healing at the pool at Bethesda?
Is healing in the atonement?
Do we have a covenant right to be healed?
Is it always the devil who wants us to be ill?
Is not everything in God’s timing?
Is healing a special gifting?
What about Paul’s thorn in the flesh?
What about the kingdom being ‘now, but not yet ‘?
Does God raise the dead?

What if my church is not yet ready for a healing ministry?
Could I get involved and minister healing to the sick?
How should we prepare the congregation?
How do I teach healing effectively?
Does this sort of healing last?
What about other forms of spiritual healing?
Can I not just pray at a distance?
What about the laying on of hands?
What are partial healings and why do they happen?
Should I stop taking the medicine?
Should we seek to heal all the sick we become aware of: the complete stranger, for example, or everyone in the local hospital?
What about Internet and email prayer chains?
When we finish our ministry to an individual, what should we then do about